Financial Support for Students 2023/24 (Information detailed below tends to relate to the 2022/23 release. It will be updated in June 2023 and emailed, with links, to all applicants in readiness for enrolment – please note that thresholds may change.)

The College is able to provide financial assistance to students who are in proven need. We help students who are care leavers, students looked after by the local authority, those in receipt of Income Support/Universal Credit in their own right, and students who are disabled and in receipt of Employment Support Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment (PIP). These students can receive a hardship grant of up to £1,200 for specific costs such as transport, food (free college meals system from our outlets on-site), emergency accommodation, living costs and essential trips.

We are also able to support students where the proven household income is under £25,000. Items we can assist with include: bus passes, essential College trips, equipment, food (free college meals), course resources costs, etc. All requests are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and amounts awarded will depend upon individual circumstances, commitment to College, attendance patterns, etc. 

To apply use this link You must return the fully completed form with all supporting evidence to If you prefer a paper copy of the form email with your request, or contact the Help Desk on 01256 417500 and ask for the Financial Support Team. If you prefer to return forms and evidence by post the address is: Financial Support, Queen Mary’s College, Cliddesden Road, Basingstoke, Hants, RG21 3HF.

Queen Mary’s College Foundation (Reg. Charity 307257) 

The Foundation offers financial assistance to young people in education. It is a separate entity to the College. To apply, applicants must live in the Borough of Basingstoke & Deane, or attend College, or have previously studied at Queen Mary’s College. The Trustees meet four times a year to consider all applications and awards. Their decisions are final.

Part of the Charity’s remit is to support Queen Mary’s College with financial assistance. It does so in the form of annual awards that can range from new equipment, monetary provision, or subsidies for educational student trips and events. It provides the College with a QMC Foundation Bursary fund that supports cases of urgent and pressing individual student need. It sponsors College-based annual awards - LA Nutt Award, B Edney Art Award, C B Evans Law Award and invites selected individual applications for other College awards in music tuition and for undergraduate assistance. 

The Foundation supports individual applications for financial assistance from any student in the wider educational community. Individual applications can be for anything from expenses incurred in training, expeditions, enterprise, or study schemes which are shown to support their current education, vocational aims or higher education. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate financial need, efforts already made to meet these costs and show how the award will assist and promote their current and future education.

Advice and application forms are available from the Clerk, Jane Stockdale (QMC Helpdesk), on 01256 417500, or Student Support. Forms can be downloaded from the website