(Information detailed below tends to relate to the

2022/23 release. It will be updated in June 2023 and communicated to all applicants by email and online links in readiness for enrolment 2023.)

The application process is largely accommodated online, the information below is an example of what you might expect to receive via dot.mailer:


This communication contains a series of tabs and links to help you, as an applicant or parent/guardian, to prepare for College in September. Some of the items are for information only. Items that are underlined require action.


  1. Parent/Guardian Communication – from the Principal.
  1. Student Communication - from the Principal.
  1. General Information

son/daughter toleave site for team games, day trips, work experience, etc. Please also

use this form to confirm whether or not you are happy for us to use images (photographic/

film) in and around College, on our website, etc. 

time, a reader, or scribe, will be reassessed for post-16 studies. If you have any paperwork

to support the arrangement, please send copies, marked for the attention of SENCO,

or bring them to your enrolment appointment, eg: Form 8, medical letters, assessments,

SENCO reports, etc.

of the organisation. Please use the LIVE LINK IN JUNE 2023 to read the Code. You will

be asked to accept the IT Code of Conduct when you use College devices.

students to have their own device and headphones where possible. QMC work with

a supplier to offer a variety of devices and accessories. You deal directly with them and

there is no obligation to use their service, of course. LIVE LINK IN JUNE 2023.


  1. Travel to College Information

This tab contains information about QMC’s Green Travel Plan and the options available

for travel to College. To supplement public transport options, the College arranges a number

of privately chartered coaches. Applications are made through College. Use the LIVE LINK

IN JUNE 2023 if you wish to apply for the College buses.

  1. Playing for College Teams & Sport at QMC Information

If students wish to play for one of the College’s sports teams they should already have

recorded their preferences as part of the online acceptance process but it is not too late to

pick this up at your enrolment appointment. Also enclosed is general information about other opportunities to get fit at QMC, including an offer of free membership DETAILS SENT IN

JUNE 2023 to the QMC Sports Centre during the summer holidays.

  1. Financial Support for Students (College Bursary)

This tab contains information about financial support, free college meals, etc. If you are

eligible and wish to apply you MUST do so as soon as possible WHEN NOTIFIED IN

JUNE 2023 during the summer holidays. Applications may take up to three weeks to process. Applications at or after enrolment will not be ready for the start of term and you will be

expected to fund expenses yourself during this time. 

  1. Course Resources Cost Information

This tab contains details regarding additional costs to support the provision of course resources

materials. Please support us by paying these costs at enrolment.